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Sculptural, 3D Feature Wall

Sculptural, 3D Feature Wall

In this newly completed extension, the vision for the garden room was to create a peaceful retreat, with a primary focus on unwinding and enjoying the external views. 

The most prominent wall - visible from the garden looking back towards the house - was in need of some inspiration to avoid it becoming a large, plain expanse.

To address this, the concept of a sculptural 3D feature wall emerged. The feature wall not only adds visual interest and depth but also reflects elements of the grid format and a 3D ‘stepped’ effect seen throughout the home. For instance, the grid design appears in the glass dividing doors, while the ‘stepped’ effect is evident in the split face slate cladding used on the exterior of the building and garden planters.

Each ‘tile’ of the feature wall is either painted grained ash veneer, silk painted timber, or concrete effect ceramic. The openings between the levels allow subtle, concealed lighting to illuminate the surfaces and a clever mounting system ensures the easy removal of various panels to allow access to the lighting and cabling.


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