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Design Trend: Reeded Doors and Panelling

This month we have been experimenting with our CNC machine and have added a program so that we can offer reeded doors and panelling as part of our bespoke range. The video below shows a sneak peek of our machine running the program, and captured the moment we a manufactured a material sample for a design meeting.

Reeded and slatted doors are becoming one of the most popular interior trends and it's easy to see why. The vertical grooves are uniform and minimal but add a textural and tactile element to your room. In terms of finishes there are so many options as the panelling can be made in a variety of timber finishes or painted in a colour of your choice. Different cutters can be used to create various shapes of grooves... for example, rounder or more square, wider or narrower and we can even alter the spacing to be more uniform or more random.

Here are three of our recent designs which feature reeded panelling both as frontals and as wall cladding...

For durable and cost effective options, lots of our chosen board manufacturers are also offering 3D laminates and MFC panels with vertical grooves. Although better suited to more contemporary designs, traditional rooms may benefit from glazed doors in a reeded effect which work particulary well with dark dramatic colours and an industrial style.

Riga Linea from XyloCleaf, Black Stripped Wood from Saviola and Fluted Glass Doors by PWS...

Come back to check on our progress over the coming months to see some of the designs above becoming a reality and to see reeded panelling being installed and in situ!

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